Tessitura Attilio Imperiali

The company and its history

Our company comes from a long family tradition that was started in the early 1900s by Attilio Imperiali and then continued with his son Marco, grandson Attilio, wife Marica and lastly present-day Alessandra and Claudia Imperiali, who run the company.

Today the company is recognised worldwide by all the best known high fashion brands for the quality of its fabrics, covering the textiles market with two main product lines: clothing and footwear/accessories.


Production is managed directly by the Imperiali family in Italy at the headquarters of Lurate Caccivio – Como – where the raw materials come to be processed.

A textiles business – silk above all – founded in the fifteenth century, which today makes Como a district of excellence for the production of fabrics that over the centuries have dressed popes, queens, heads of state and the most prominent figures in the world of finance, art and culture.


Many items are available in stock ready for delivery in dozens – in some cases even over 100 – color variations, but at the customer’s request the company can also make custom fabrics based on specific functional and stylistic needs, sharing the development stages such as for example technical instructions on finishings and on the raw materials used, for transparency and sharing the intrinsic value of the products.


The quest for excellence has guided us from our origins to today with a vision constantly oriented to the future, not only in terms of product development, but also in terms of the sustainability of our luxury fabrics: for the new generations that will continue to lead the company, for all the stakeholders involved in our production and for the planet and the community that welcomes us.

Mission, Vision & Values

Our mission, our vision and our values are pillars that the Imperiali family still imparts to the company. Not only to our products or our business, but above all to the people who every day are part of a timeless excellence with determination, passion and care.