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A history of Italian textiles entrepreneurship that is rooted in Milan, the symbol city of fashion and design, over a hundred years ago.

Segre & Schieppati was established in 1897 in Milan when the young Giuseppe Segre, an enterprising twenty-four year old in a Milanese spinning mill at Navigli, paired up with his friends Schieppati and Dacono and founded a weaving, dyeing and finishing company.

After the end of the First World War he was the sole owner together with his sons Alberto and Amedeo Segre. Over the years the firm expanded and became a major point of reference for companies that made footwear and leather goods and chose Segre & Schieppati fabrics for the production of their high-end products.

After the outbreak of the Second World War, the company managed to stay in business for a while, to then be confiscated by the regime and closed. At the end of the war, Amedeo Segre was left alone and he reopened a small textiles business, which over time he managed to bring back to the success of the past.

After the war Italian fashion became increasingly more a point of reference that all the world’s major names looked to for elaborating their collections and in the 80s Segre & Schieppati permanently consolidated their position on the textiles market, passing on to Amedeo’s adoptive daughter, Liliana Segre, today a Senator of the Italian Republic.

After over a century of company history, the baton was passed on to the fourth generation with Federica Belli Paci, daughter of Liliana Segre.

Today the company is no longer trading as such, but the brand, its history, archives and processing know-how have been exclusively licensed to Tessitura Attilio Imperiali.

The best-known products, yesterday as today, are the gray fabrics, yarn dyed and piece dyed, made solely of natural fibers, such as the famed Tela Olona available in over 60 colors, Olona Lino Grezza and Misto Lino both yarn dyed and piece dyed.


For its products, Segre & Schieppati has always privileged natural fibers Made in Italy such as cotton and linen for making fabrics that reveal the respect and knowledge of a long production tradition.

Fabrics designated chiefly for leather goods, footwear and furnishings without forgetting sports clothing.

Besides Tela Olona, the company’s pride, there are also fabrics such as Granariso – a timeless unique two-tone cotton canvas with the typical rice grain effect, Reps Greggio Riciclato – apparently simple but with a sophisticated core whose thicker warp creates well-marked cross stripes – Sale/Pepe – with the typical dotted surface, made by using yarns of contrasting colors in the warp and weft – Spigato and many others.

Natural and sustainable fabrics, as well as always being available and highly customisable: in their graphics with patterns and prints or in their function by being, for example, waterproof.


Tela Olona

Tela Olona Segre & Schieppati is an authentic creation of the noblest and most elegant Italian cotton canvas.

Used for making high-end footwear, accessories and leather goods by the most famous fashion brands – seeking a material capable of combining value, quality and color assortment all in a single canvas fabric – expresses all the strength and breadth of the authentic Made in Italy.

A strong and at the same time stylish fabric, which is functional and refined to the point of being used beyond all expectation also as the material for the sails of the Amerigo Vespucci training vessel: a worldwide symbol of Italian character, the pride of the Italian Navy and an international representation of the talent, toughness and refined beauty of our nation.

A sustainable fabric, made using RECYCLED (GRS) and ORGANIC (OCS/GOTS) Cotton.

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