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Serikos 1984

Serikos was established in May 1984 at Como as a textiles company for high fashion clothing, bringing together people and skills capable of responding – rapidly – to the requests for the creation of fabrics of the most important fashion brands.

In the late 90s, the enthusiasm, commitment and textiles expertise of Serikos1984 led it to operate nationally and internationally, turning to not only European markets with particular success in France, the United Kingdom and Eastern countries, but also the United States and the Far East (Japan, Korea, China and Taiwan).

In 2019 the company was acquired by Attilio Imperiali S.p.A. and two years later it went out of existence as a reality in itself: all the know-how, personnel and capabilities of the company were included in the plant and staff of Attilio Imperiali, basically becoming the representative brand of the Imperiali offering in terms of creative fabrics designated for clothing.

Today as then, therefore, Serikos1984 offers versatile, innovative, unique fabrics covering various fields and using special textile techniques, also from other sectors, to offer unique fabrics that are hard to replicate, for product customisation that is increasingly more in demand by high end brands.

This is the true workhorse of the SERIKOS1984 brand: the capability of challenging customer requests in terms of creation, design, exclusivity and shorter times, thanks to the huge textiles archive available, always up-to-date technical skills and a broad portfolio of specialized vendors.

A capital, built with time and experience.