Attilio Imperiali fabrics

The fabrics offered by Tessitura Attilio Imperiali can be identified mainly in two categories, based on their end use: for footwear/accessories, or for clothing.

In their turn each of the two categories is further divided into so-called Evergreen fabrics (this is the case of Raso Imperiali and Tela Olona in footwear and “Classici Imperiali” in clothing), an example of timeless elegance, and into Fashion fabrics (in the footwear of the Collections offered each year and in the clothing identified by the creativity of the sub-brand Serikos1984).

Fabrics exemplifying simplicity and elegance or creativity and customisation, to offer customers such a breadth of choice as to meet any need.

A unique textile resource on which to draw in order to create the finest clothes, footwear and accessories.


Raso Imperiali, a registered trademark since 2008, for over 50 years has been the luxury fabric acknowledged and used by all the major high fashion brands in the world for making shoes, bags and accessories. Elegant, lustrous, perfect in its appearance and texture, sustainable, available for every combination in over 150 colors.


Since 1897 an authentic Italian tradition of fabrics made solely of natural fibers such as cotton, linen and hemp: from the famous Tela Olona, always available in over 60 colors to Olona Lino Grezza and Misto Lino, to name just a couple. An exclusive licence for the textiles products, trademark and know-how of Tessitura Attilio Imperiali.


The same excellence as the production of Satin expressed as Crêpe satin, Faille, Gros Grain, Duchesse, Taffetas and Velvet: these are just a few examples of fabrics for luxury clothing, footwear and accessories always available and constantly chosen by our customers in different color variations and available for every season.


The personnel and capabilities of the historic Como converter, acquired and included in the staff of Attilio Imperiali, today comprise the Tessitura proposition in terms of creative fabrics designated for high fashion clothing, identified by the Serikos1984 brand.


Starting with an idea, modeling textures, colors, features, effects or patterns, to make a unique and exclusive fabric, thanks to technical expertise in fabrics, stylistic updating and quality of the materials. Our Style, Research and Development department wants to be put to the test by customer needs and ideas.