The company and its history
The company History and Family

Our company comes from a long family tradition that was started in the early 1900s by Attilio Imperiali and then continued with his son Marco, grandson Attilio and present-day Alessandra and Claudia, who run the company.

Early 1900s

The company was founded by Attilio Imperiali in the district of Como, an Italian excellence with the vocation of textiles production initially specialized in fine silk items.

The 1950s

The company entrusted its looms to the weavers who, working from home, made the different fabrics and delivered the orders that, after attentive quality control by the Imperiali family, were sent to the customers.

The 1960s

The first truly “industrial” activity began: in the midst of an economic boom, Tessitura Attilio Imperiali evolved further and built its first factory, withdrawing its 8 looms from the weavers’ homes.

The 1990s

The company was acknowledged as an undisputed leader in its sectors as indeed it still is, thanks to the constant commitment of Marica Domanda, Attilio’s wife. The production in that period greatly accelerated due to the strengthening of its position on the market and the increase in its turnover also in relation to the general trend of the clothing and footwear sectors.

The 2000s

Further developments in business, know-how and offering thanks to two significant acquisitions: the exclusive license of the “1897 Segre e Schieppati” brand and products and, later on, the “Serikos 1984” converter. The former, the historic weaving mill owned by the Segre family for over four generations, expanded its offering to include cotton fabrics (principally “Tela Olona”, which is rooted in the “Amerigo Vespucci” training vessel) and natural fibers. The latter made it possible to enhance its internal staff with expertise and fabrics of the historic Como converter operating on the international market for 35 years in clothing and textiles research and development.


The company is acknowledged worldwide by all the most famous high fashion brands for the quality of its fabrics. Managed by Alessandra and Claudia Imperiali, daughters of Mrs. Marica, and structured in different company departments, it presents itself on the market with two lines of products in the segment of fabrics for clothing and for luxury footwear and accessories.