Attilio Imperiali values
The companyMission, Vision & Values


The creation of artisanal beauty in a family-run business.

It means creating quality fabrics, enhancing knowledge and know-how handed down, enthusiastically innovating it, cooperating with mutual trust as if working in a family, all respecting and loving the environment and the community that has embraced us for over 100 years.

Being one of the top 50 fabrics companies in the world.

Not only due to business development, but also as a point of reference for talents in the world of fashion and textiles looking for tangible development and a place where they can work in harmony, improving personally and professionally, and for customers who want to co-create exclusive new products.



  • Immeasurable passion for beauty – “Excelling is not enough”
  • Trust and respect – “Looking at the world together”
  • Dialogue and cooperation – “Listen, help, impassion”
  • Competent creativity – “We know how to accomplish ideas”