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Our production is directed at the major names on the textiles market that constantly seek exclusive items to be used for their creations: from lighter fabrics, such as for example organza and chiffon, to heavier ones, such as fine satins, select cotton fabrics of various weights and mixed fabrics made with various fibers, such as for example bamboo and wool, to customisation and exclusive development for our best customers on the international scene.

Quality control on production is very strict and envisages at least 5 steps:

  • verification and acceptance by our fabrics experts of the textile material to be processed
  • tacking of the weave and therefore of the structure of the fabric by our specialized staff, depending on the requested final outcome
  • weaving and creation of the fabric, under the careful observation of our Loom Supervisor, right from the machinery’s first movements
  • graphics and subsequent processing of the fabric according to the customer’s requests in order to give the item colors, design, texture and the desired final effect
  • final control of the item by the Quality Control department, before being entrusted to the Logistics department and lastly into the hands of our customers.

Attention and a strict method initially acquired in the scrupulous analysis of silk fabrics for luxury accessories and clothes, subsequently also applied to fabrics of other raw materials for the casual segments of fashion and footwear channels.