For their products, Segre & Schieppati have always preferred natural fibres made in Italy such as cotton and linen to make fabrics that reveal the respect and skill of a long manufacturing tradition.


The reference markets of Segre & Schieppati are mainly leather goods and footwear, without forgetting sports clothing and furnishing.

The company’s pride and joy is Olona Canvas, made of 100% double-twisted cotton, which over the years has been proposed in more than 36 colours always available in stock, including ready for dyeing, ready for printing and untreated. The latter is a particular fabric in which the imperfections of the cotton enhance the product, making it unique.

Olona canvas is a base that can be used alone, bonded with other, lighter fabrics, or enriched with processes such as embroidery, printing, stone-washing, colour-washing, perforation, padding or laser-treating.

Alongside this ongoing product, the Segre & Schieppati brand creates seasonal collections that take into account fashion trends, technological innovations and market demands, ensuring that the company is always able to reach new customers and markets.

The collaboration with Tessitura Attilio Imperiali is leading to new fabrics that combine the traditional products, which are so textured and natural, with others that are more glossy, evanescent, luxurious and light: continuous experimentation and innovative influence, to bring together two very different worlds and styles that can still offer many different creative and expressive opportunities.