Philosophy, mission and vision at Tessitura Attilio Imperiali are three aspects that define the essence and soul of the company, every day accompanying the actions of our people and the different productive and non-productive activities pursued by the company.

The search for excellence is the first aspect that has always guided Attilio Imperiali towards the future: from the choice of materials to the processes, from quality controls to customer service, nothing is left to chance. Curiosity and the desire to improve more and more without ever being satisfied with the results obtained, are the driving force of the company’s daily work.

Innovation is the other great pillar on which weaving is founded: constant attention to improve, day by day, the ancient Italian skill, typical of the Como area, from the point of view of the technologies and machines used, and from the point of view of the articles proposed on the Italian and international market.

“Made in Italy”, in the true sense of the term, is another important point that distinguishes the company: the weaving process is carried out entirely in Italy and it enhances the creativeness, talent and craftsmanship of the articles proposed.

On an increasingly more global market, where great fashion houses and stylists are producing in Italy, the scope of activity of Tessitura Attilio Imperiali is necessarily focussed on satisfying the demands of famous firms, shoe manufacturers, craftsmen and workshops located in Italy.

However, we must not forget the international markets with which the company has established important commercial relations, such as France, China, Russia and the United States.