Academy is a project aimed at education and schools and focuses on talented young people approaching the world of employment and the future of the sector.

The discovery and promotion of new talents is one of the projects that Tessitura Attilio Imperiali believes in and pursues, creating specific projects with schools and academies.

This is not a standard project, repeated year after year, but rather the development of paths to be explored that link art, culture, Italian expertise and fabrics with experience, for the young participants, in the company ecosystem: from the knowledge of yarns and weaving techniques to the design of the products, to prototyping and the economic aspects related to marketing.

Only the profound knowledge of their work and the knowledge of the yarns and fabrics made available by the company can transform these training experiences in the field into real Master courses that direct young people towards the professions of the future, in the sector of weaving and the production of fabrics.

One of the current projects, held in collaboration with the Aldo Galli Academy of Fine Arts – IED Como, envisages the involvement of a number of students who, aware of the theme of sustainability, are invited to propose new fabrics, starting from an ecological raw material or from recycled yarns.

“Contemporary canvases” is another project linked to art, launched in February 2017. It involves 4 artists with distinctly different styles: Marcella Ballarin who decorates with doodles and lettering, Benedetta Bertolini who prefers illustrations with collage, Richard Blackstar with his dark romanticism, and Marzia Nais who is recognisable for her underground fairytale style.